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Music To Close Your Eyes And Dance To

Yugs is a Chilean American artist that produces genre-bending music to close your eyes and dance to. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Yugs blends indie rock soundscapes, dynamic hip-hop grooves, and lighthearted but introspective lyrics to “help you see the magic that exists all around us.” 

Yugs released his self titled debut album, Yugs in 2019, a psychedelic lofi project featured in 303 Magazine. Since then, Yugs has collaborated with an international clientele of artists from Denver to Boulder to New York to Puerto Rico, including Jon Rubio, Trayce Chapman, Triiip, Pool Sharks, Citizen Tempest, and Katiria. His 2021 album, Nostalgia Ascending, was an intergalactic hip hop album featured in Westword. Yugs followed it with an electrifying performance at the Underground Music Showcase, which was named in the top 14 of the festival by 303 Magazine. Following an east coast tour and two house packing headliners at the iconic Lost Lake and the Skylark Lounge in Denver, Yugs is to play Film On The Hill at Denver’s acclaimed venue, Levitt Pavilion. Yugs’ third album, Dancing In My Room, will be released in 2024, exploring themes of identity, loss, and self love through a fusion of indie rock, hip hop, house, and other genres.

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